About Us

The National Alliance to impact the Social Determinants of Health (NASDOH) is a group of stakeholders working to systematically and pragmatically build a common understanding of the importance of addressing social needs as part of an overall approach to health improvement.

Our Mission

The National Alliance to impact the Social Determinants of Health seeks to make a material improvement in the health of individuals and communities and – through multi-sector partnerships within the national system of health – advance holistic, value-based, person-centered health care that can successfully impact the social determinants of health.


NASDOH brings together health care, public health and social services expertise, local community experience, community-convening competence, business and financial insight, technology innovation, data and analytics competencies, and policy and advocacy acumen. See who our members are here.

Our Focus

Our focus is to advance public and private sector policy environments to support the advancement of the evidence base upon which work in the field can build, innovate, and be sustained. Specifically, our areas of focus are:

  1. Issue framing in a way that promotes action
  2. Elevating shared learnings across communities
  3. Leveraging shared approaches to measurement and evaluation
  4. Encouraging data and technology innovation, and
  5. Promoting a supportive policy environment at all levels of government and in the private sector

We encourage public and private sector leaders to support progress in these key areas by promoting collaboration and innovation around interventions to address social determinants of health.